Refillable Candles and Why They're The New Best Thing

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Refillable Candles Perth and Australia

a Western Australian-based Candle and Home Fragrance brand and we're shaking up the way you switch-up your candle fragrances without having such a large impact on our earth.

We started our refill journey back in early 2023. It was a long process with lots of planning and testing because we wanted to offer the most convenient refill option, where you could purchase online and have it delivered to your door. This has taken away the convoluted process of having to find the time to either send back your jars for filling or taking the time to take your jars back in person to refill.

To offer our refills, we had to have the perfect mould created that would sustain the integrity of our wax and make it easy to drop into our existing Allure candle jars.

This might seem like a pretty simple concept, and it is in theory but we did go through quite a few moulds to get the sizing correct and to ensure it was the perfect fit.

From June 2023 we were ready to roll out the new refills and they've been loved by our customers ever since.

We decided to launch all 24 of our fragrances in our refill option, allowing you to switch up your fragrance whenever you're empty!

We've priced our refills affordably at $29.95 each for 400g! This makes them not only earth sustainable but financially sustainable too.

We hope you love them as much as we do!